The following examples are a small variety of the sketches I've made. For me, sketching is the best for me to explain my ideas. I tend to create sketches that are simple, diagrammatic and usually black and white. It’s rare that a day goes by that I don’t sketch something out - it’s just part of who I am and how I think.


Individual Work

Hand Sketches

These examples are meant to show the different types of sketching that I can do, from thumbnails to wireframes to paper prototypes to axons. Sketching is an integral part of my design process. When I start a project, it’s usually the thing I do right after asking a lot of questions about the project and its goals. Although I feel that my verbal communication skills are also strong, a sketch can sometimes tell a better story. It can be shared and understood without a person explaining it, which means it has ultimate return on investment - when done correctly.