I have several years of experience working with 3d modeling programs and rendering plug-ins. Often times its part of my job but every so often, I'll build a 3d model to try and figure out a design I'm interested in or for a personal project I'm working on. The collection below is a variety of work I've completed, which includes animations, products, interior and exterior design.


Individual work, some used for team projects

Product Renderings

I’ve been creating digital renderings for the better part of 8 years and in that time, I’ve created a seamless work-flow that allows me to generate high quality graphics with a fairly high turnaround time. I learned this work-flow while I was at Smithgroup, which usually started out modeling in SketchUP, then building highly detailed elements in 3ds Max, then using the rendering engine VRay for the final rendering.

Architecture Renderings

The examples below are just a sample of what I’ve done. One thing that isn’t shown here is the ability for these renderings to have interactivity. For example, you could change the lighting conditions in the kitchen rendering, show how the shadows change depending on the time of day, having certain elements of an object be pulled apart to show what’s underneath, just to name a few.