Edina High School

The overall goal was to re-skin the entire west face, giving the outdated Edina High School campus a new, modern look. Beyond the new facade was art and music spaces, a new workout facility, a 700 seat auditorium, two new lobby spaces and a central cafeteria space. The addition was to maximize natural light and connect the students and faculty with the outdoor space.

LOCATION: Edina, Minnesota
SIZE: 415,000 Sq/Ft
TYPE: Middle School + High School

3 years

Ted Rozeboom, AIA // Bob Rothman, AIA // Adam Riddle // Cory Bandelin


We started the project by conducting a series of interviews with the high school staff and teachers, as well as field observations and a competitive analysis of other high schools in the area. We sat in on some classes, observed students mingling during passing time, saw how students used the building both before and after school. Every two weeks we’d have client meetings which involved a series of new diagrams, drawings and models. We were continuously ideating on our past designs in order to meet the client's expectation and goals. Even up until the end of the project, we were still building models to communicate with contractors as well as the client.


The overall concept of the project was simple: copper and glass where there was entry or public spaces, white metal panel on the theater, brick and glass everywhere else. Try and control the light in the classrooms while maximizing light in the public spaces - creating an inviting and comfortable space to be in. The brick pattern and size was what they used on the original building so the addition seamlessly blends in.