Digital Work

A majority of this work was completed while I was at Offshoot Design, in Chicago. I spearheaded the iPad digital development work, which included custom developed iPad apps for project portfolios and client presentations. Working primarily with architecture firms and product design companies, the tools we made allowed users to navigate through digital models, animate their design, rotate objects around in space, and pull buildings apart. These hyper-custom applications were specific to the project and something only a handful of companies were doing at the time.


Individual work, some used for team projects

iPad Projects

All of the examples you see below have been built specifically for the iPad. The graphic assets were created in Photoshop, the 3d models were mostly created in 3ds Max and rendered with VRay. Once all the elements were built, the document was built in InDesign and uploaded to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. From there, anyone with a login can access the document and all the functionality that comes with it. The iPad is a great tool for these kinds of projects because of the touch interactivity and control the user has. We were able to integrate several traditional forms of media mixed with hyper-custom features to create a dynamic portfolio for clients. For many, this was going to be the tool that they used to sell their product, so we needed to make sure it was robust, yet flexible.